Dorothy Mombrun is an art director, photographer, cultural facilitator and journalist based in Montreal, Quebec.

The Haitian-Canadian artist began photography in 2016. Mombrun likes to compliment her subjects – very often black women and femmes–with bold colours and vibrant contrasts of shadow and light. This artistic signature comes to her from a long journey towards accepting her identity as a black woman in her environment, Dorothy Mombrun believes in the importance of presenting black femininity in a way that uplifts her people and demystifies negative images conveyed by the media. 

Her bold artistic signature allowed her to curate her first exhibition, Aynalem: l'Oeil du Monde at the Centre d'Art Diane Dufresne in early 2022. Following this exhibition, Mombrun is now diving into the world of cultural mediation and now facilitates conversations about art and activism through a Black and intersectional lens.

Since 2019, Mombrun has been playing the role of photography mentor and entrepreneurship coach for over 200 youths via photography and entrepreneurship workshops in schools, municipalities and community organizations.

Dorothy Mombrun has co-hosted podcasts, such as of the French literary podcast Mots-à-Mots and of That Feminist Podcast. She frequently appears as a guest in arts and culture podcasts to talk about her expertise and perspective. 

She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Art in the faculty of journalism at Concordia University.